2017 Chit Chat

Hello again! Are you recovering from Christmas yet? I felt like doing an end of year review/life favorites/chit chat/rambling session so here we are! I just drank my third cup of coffee for the morning so grab your own cup and let’s have coffee together and chat about life for a little while. When you […]

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2016 Skin and Hair Favorites

Merry belated Christmas friend! I don’t know about you but the month of December is always kind of a weird month for me. There’s lots of hustle and bustle with various holidays and things that have to be done before said holidays. And family stuff. Lots of family stuff. It’s great but it’s also a […]

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A Month of Meal Prep

I thought I would do another post with some lunch prep ideas, hopefully this is interesting and inspires you on your healthy eating journey. Please remember that I am NOT a nutritionist and I cannot tell you what you should eat, this is just what I’ve been eating lately. Chicken Breast with Green Beans and […]

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The Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Lina Maureen at drugstorecouture for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award! That was so nice, and I clearly have procrastination problems because the nomination happened…a while ago. You should definitely check out Lina Maureen’s blog, she is a cool chick and has fantastic drugstore recommendations. Thanks again! 🙂 The Rules 1. You […]

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