Face of the Day – September 18, 2017

Hey guys! First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making it through Monday. It may not seem like that much of an accomplishment to some, but dude, good job.

This morning I woke up actually looking forward to doing my makeup so I thought I’d share it with you! Plus I’m sure that seeing my mug face will really brighten your day and give you strength to carry on through the rest of the week.

So let’s get real. You can hide dark circles but there’s just not a lot you can do about the actual under eye bags. Except fillers. And sleep more. I’m thinking fillers are probably a more feasible option.

I caved a while back and actually purchased two Lime Crime eyeshadow palettes. I can’t decide how I feel about that honestly. I’ve avoided the brand for multitudes of reasons but I really like the shades in the Venus 2 palette. It’s not really everything I’ve hoped and dreamed it would be but it’s a cool little palette. All that being said, I actually only used one shade from the palette today. I also have been missing the Wear All The Lipstick! project so I thought I might try picking it up again (I make no promises though, committing to things is hard and not very rock and roll. And above all else we know I’m totally rock and roll.)

I like how this turned out even if it is my normal boring brown smoky eye.

Base: I used Makeup Forever’s single eyeshadow in Vanilla

Transition: MAC Uninterrupted

Lid: Lime Crime Mud

Lower lash line: Mud blended out with Uninterrupted

Waterline and tight-line: Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero

Mascara: Lancome Grandiose

Concealer: Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Peach


For lipstick I used Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in 270 – Cocoa Twist (why is it necessary to have a product name that takes up an entire line of text? No seriously, I need to know.)

As far as how things wore, the eyeshadow does transfer onto my crease pretty badly but that’s not necessarily unusual for me. Everything looked moderately similar at the end of the day so that was a plus!

I actually had fun doing my makeup today, maybe I’ll be inspired to wear makeup again tomorrow! I’ve been on a fairly makeup free kick recently so it was nice to play around a bit.

Did you try anything new with your makeup today? Do you have a go to favorite makeup look? Do you own any controversial makeup? Do you think we could make some sort of petition to outlaw product names that exceed a certain word count?


  • I survived hurricane Irma! I may actually post some photos of some of the piles of debris in my yard. I’m still tired from all the clean up and that was a week ago.
  • I just finished reading “The Whole Town’s Talking” by Fannie Flagg and I really enjoyed it, it was light, it was mostly happy, there were some great little nuggets of wisdom and I would recommend it if that’s your jam.
  • I just started watching season 12 of Supernatural and I’m really digging it so far. I wasn’t a huge fan of season 11 so it’s nice to feel like the show is getting back to itself so to speak.
  • Is it possible to have less than zero amount of motivation for working out? I paid a bunch of money to get a work out program in the hopes that it would motivate me but it may have backfired. I feel even less motivated than before.

5 thoughts on “Face of the Day – September 18, 2017

  1. Lovely look! Very polished but still natural looking 🙂
    I’m glad you survived Irma and are safe! So much damage down there, it’s so sad to see.
    Yes, it’s possible to have negative motivation to work out! Honestly, I just drag myself there anyways…I tell myself that getting in a short, half-assed workout is better than nothing.

    1. Thank you!
      The damage in some areas was seriously unreal. And for a full week afterwards we couldn’t get refrigerated items in the store. I know that’s a small complaint (and it’s not really even a complaint) but it was WEIRD.
      I think you’re right on the “just do it” mentality. Something is better than nothing for sure. I just need to get in the habit of forcing myself to workout I guess. Maybe this week will be better!

  2. Lime Crime is still on my “Am I still angry at you” list of brands. I have heard good things about the Venus palettes and now there’s a store locally that carries Lime Crime!
    Do you almost use a powder nude matte eye shadow as a base before putting a colour on top? Is it to help the colour blend better? I know people recommend this but I’ve never done it – I always think it will lighten up the colour I put on top. I use a cream base like MAC’s Paint Pot that doesn’t seem to interfere with the colours I put on top.
    Thank goodness you escaped hurricane Irma without any harm. It’s been crazy following all of the natural disasters happening there.

    1. They’re technically on my “this brand is sketchy as hell” list. I succumbed to weird colors. I am weak. And I’m not entirely sure it was worth sacrificing my morals. Drat!
      I generally do use a matte eye shadow as a base. It keeps my eyeshadow from creasing and kind of neutralizes the redness I have on my lids. I use it in lieu of primer most of the time. Sometimes it does lighten the color but that’s usually only when I lay down too heavy of a layer of the matte cream shade. I just dust it everywhere like a crazy person lol.
      What is up with all of the natural disasters this year?! Is this the end times?! It’s really out of control.

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