Current Favorites

Hello! I currently have several half finished blog posts waiting for photos or editing but I really wanted to sit down and chat with you in a less formal kind of atmosphere. So this post won’t have many photos and there’s going to be quite a few non-makeup things. Fun right? Right!

So let’s chat about a few things that I’ve really been into lately! Grab a glass of something delightful and join me! (FYI I’m drinking boxed Pinot Grigio. Don’t judge. It’s delicious. And cheap. And lasts for way more than the month that it advertises. Maybe Botabox should be one of my favorites!)

1.Since this is a beauty blog, let’s start with a makeup type thing. I’ve been really loving layering multiple blush and highlight products.



Tell me I don’t give good face. Totally should have been a model.

I have no idea how to take photos that showcase face products. BUT. In the above photo I started with a bright orange cream blush and a generous helping of cream highlight (Revlon Coral Cove blush and Marc Jacobs Spotlight highlight but any cream products will do). Then I applied my face powder and then I topped it off with a bright red powder blush and a powder highlight (MUFE Blush No. 99 which I think is discontinued. It’s red. Get any red blush and it’ll look fab. Also used Makeup Revolution highlight in Golden Lights). I feel like this just really made such a pretty effect. Again, terrible photographic evidence of the technique but just trust me. It’s fun!

2. Next favorite: Kimberly Clark. If you aren’t already watching her YouTube channel you should start immediately. I just binged watched her entire video selection in a couple of days and I’m considering watching all of her videos all over again. She has the best series called “Anti-Haul/What I’m Not Going To Buy” where she gives a list of things she isn’t going to purchase and explains why. It’s great. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty world hype and the marketing drama behind products and it’s insanely soothing to have someone talk you down off of the consumer driven ledge so you can step back and make an informed decision on your purchases. She has so many other fantastic videos as well. Seriously. Check her out and then lets talk about our mutual love for her in the comments. I’ll wait.

3. Next favorite: These little travel toothbrush deals.

To say that the Wisps have changed my life would be a little bit of an exaggeration but, I do love these things. I can get my teeth that special kind of squeaky clean that you get right after visiting the dentist but without all of the awkward conversation happening while simultaneously having someones hand shoved in your mouth. Who doesn’t want that?!

4. Wearing ludicrous shades of lipstick around the house while I do late night housework.




I bought a few of the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lipstick shades for Halloween and I actually kind of love this gray (Zombie Queen). I mean I’m not going to wear it to work but I might wear it to the grocery store. I don’t know that gray lipstick is necessarily flattering on anyone, but I think this looks pretty cool. I do have to say that I haven’t had these for long enough to really have an idea of how much I love the formula but my first impressions are cautiously  positive.

While we’re talking about liquid lipsticks, let’s go on a little tangent conversation here. I am so over liquid lipstick. It’s not like I have that many of them but enough already. Let’s just stop. We don’t need metallic matte liquid lipstick. There is NO liquid lipstick that looks good at the end of the day. Yes they do actually wear ALL DAY which is more than regular lipstick but maybe we’re so preoccupied with whether or not we could wear our lipstick all day that we haven’t stopped to think if we should.

5. This guy.



Even when he’s super pleased with himself because he just caught a bird and set it free in the house.

6. Shopping my stash.

I still haven’t posted my birthday haul from August but I bought enough crap that I’ve put myself on a low buy for the rest of the year. I’ve picked up a couple of drugstore items; other than the Jordana lipstick I mentioned, I snagged some of the Fall Wet n’ Wild trios which I kind of regretted. I also ordered the Sugarpill liquid lipstick in Trinket. See! Liquid lipstick EVERYWHERE!! I apologize for the hypocrisy. It’s a problem. That aside, I’m pretty pleased that I haven’t gone too crazy with the out of control spending.

When I’m not focusing on the act of shopping or acquiring, it gives me more time to appreciate and experiment with what I already have. I’ve been using the Maybelline Color Tattoos a lot this week which has been kind of fun.

7. Pandora’s “Dance Cardio Radio” station. I think I’ve finally found the perfect balance of old school 90’s trance and Pitbull to fuel my running. Speaking of running…I only have four more C25K runs left! Woo hoo! I am up to 2.76 miles at the moment and so far my ankles are still at the same steady ache so I think that the whole “slowly building up distance” method has really worked well for reducing inflammation and injury. Huzzah!

8. I’ve mentioned previously that I’ve been doing yoga in the mornings recently that, in general, has been one of my favorites. Let me know if you’re interested in a look into what gym/yoga/running equipment I use. That could be a fun post! Anyway, I do a mix of Ashtanga yoga which I do on my own, and YouTube guided yoga. A special shout-out to Jodi from A Brash Attitude for suggesting Yoga with Adriene, that’s one of my favorite channels! I also like Fightmaster Yoga and Yoga with Kassandra.

I think I’ll actually leave it at eight for now. What have you been into lately? Any new hobbies? New makeup? New books? Tell me if you’re ready for a lip gloss revival too. Also, if you have adorable pets you should totally share pictures of them in the comments. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by political bullshit lately and could use a mega dose of cuteness to counteract the soul sucking presidential brouhaha.


6 thoughts on “Current Favorites

    1. Yay! I’ll put one together then! I kind of alternate between obsessing over makeup, workout gear and stationary products and it’s totally been work out gear recently 🙂

  1. I’ve been dabbling in layering blushes too – not with cream and powder blushes but I should try that too. I think that’d make them last longer.
    Yeah Kimberly Clark FTW! She’s so smart too.
    Eh, I still can’t do grey / blue / green lipsticks. I see girls wearing them in regular settings and I’m just floored. I used to think only aliens on Star Trek wore these colours but I guess the future is NOW. 😮
    Good for you for shopping your stash! I’m on a low-buy but I use every single penny of my monthly budget – it’s a bit ridiculous. I do wonder if I didn’t give myself a budget, if I wouldn’t want to use up the entire amount? Hmm mind tricks.
    Ok now I need to look for those Wisp things – looks like a great item to have at work!
    Your cat’s face is so smug in that photo! 😆

    1. So in your layered blush adventures, are you mixing shades that are far from each other on the color spectrum or are you doing a “contouring with blush” kind of thing? Or blush gradients? I need to know! lol
      Yay! I’m so glad that you love her too! She really is smart. I feel like she’s so well spoken and has such a well rounded knowledge base.
      Realistically I can’t really get behind the whole weird lipstick trend either. Where I live people don’t really wear makeup that’s noticeable (beyond fake eyelashes which is such an odd thing to be trendy in the general public’s day to day life). Red lipstick is totally pushing the boundaries here. I wore a REALLY dark red, almost black lipstick out to a fast food drive through recently and got a few double takes from people. I can’t imagine seeing people out and about in real life in green lipstick. I mean it would be cool, I just can’t see it happening. We’re ALL the Orion slave girl now!
      There’s such a fine line between giving yourself a budget so you know what your limits are and giving yourself a budget so you know how much of something you need to plan to buy. If that makes sense? I find when it comes to make up giving myself a budget tends to set a goal for how much to run out and spend. I don’t know why though, it’s a little nuts! I budget other things in my life with great success!
      Definitely get the Wisp things. I keep them in my purse and in my desk drawer and they’re fantastic!
      He WAS smug! The little jerk 🙂

      1. I try to make a gradient like a bull’s eye with my blush layering efforts! I’ve been using both cool and warm blushes together – I find the mix of cool (outer rim) and warm (inner center) to be really interesting. It makes the overall look really harmonized.
        I find the idea of false lashes in daily life really weird too. There’s a chick in our office tower that looks like she secured a strip of lashes make of construction paper on her lids. 😮
        I’m puzzled about my mindset with makeup budgeting too. I don’t have this same issue with food or clothing budgets!

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