Project Wear All The Lipstick – Round 10

Happy Friday! Today I’m not feeling exceptionally chatty (maybe I should call a doctor…) so let’s just look at my week in lipstick. Actually, this week is more of a “Wear all the lip gloss!” kind of week but let’s not nit pick.


Covergirl Colorlicious Lip Gloss in Pinkalicious

covergirl_pinkalicious_packaging covergirl_pinkalicious_swatch covergirl_pinkalicious_ls covergirl_pinkalicious_ff

Wear Time:  The color lasts around 20-30 minutes before fading but the shine lasts about an hour.

Scent:  Synthetic cookie dough. Tastes a little like plastic.

Comfort: Not sticky, but the tiny shimmers make this feel ever so slightly gritty. It isn’t enough to bother me, but it’s not the most awesome thing in the world.

Availability: Part of the permanent line up of Covergirl lip gloss sold in most drugstores.

I’ve said it before but I love a nice sheer hot pink gloss. The effect is just really pretty and fresh looking. I don’t think that this is my favorite formula of all time but it’s ok.

Shiro Custom Gloss in Din’s Fire


Wear Time:  Color lasts for around 30-40 minutes and it maintains a semi glossy state for around an hour. I felt like my lips were bare around the center at around the 30 minute mark.

Scent:  This is so cool. Shiro offers custom lip gloss so you can pick any of their lip safe eye shadows and have them made into a gloss. You also get to pick a flavor/scent! How cool! I chose a moderate opacity and a cream cheese frosting scent. CREAM CHEESE FROSTING.

Comfort: The texture is really smooth and creamy feeling. This isn’t a sticky gloss.

Availability: From the Shiro website.

This gloss is kind of my new favorite thing.

Shiro Lip Gloss in The Blood of my Enemies

shiro_the_blood_of_my_enemies_packaging shiro_the_blood_of_my_enemies_swatch shiro_the_blood_of_my_enemies_ls shiro_the_blood_of_my_enemies_shiro_the_last_homely_house_ff

Wear Time: Around 30 minutes before you start getting the patchiness that you can see in that lip swatch.

Scent: This is SUPPOSED to smell like caramel nutmeg….but it kind of smells like…blood. And chocolate maybe? It reminds of this book I loved in middle school that was actually called Blood and Chocolate. Now before you get all freaked out, this has iron oxides which give it that burst of iron scent/flavor. It isn’t super strong but I’m pretty sure that the flavor got left out of mine. This happens to me a lot, does that happen to anyone else?

Comfort: This is really similar to Din’s Fire. It’s smooth, not sticky and really comfortable. I don’t find it drying. I do find it irritating when I can feel that my lips are bare or patchy.

Availability: From Shiro’s website.

I don’t think this is my favorite gloss in the world but I really love the color. And the name. It’s a cool gloss for sure but quick wear down in the center of my lip is a little off putting.

MAC Viva Glam V

mac_viva_glam_v mac_viva_glam_v_swatch_1 mac_viva_glam_v_swatch_2 mac_viva_glam_v_ls mac_viva_glam_v_shiro_wandering_wizard_ff

Wear Time: Around 30 minutes

Scent: Vanilla

Comfort: This is a lustre formula which is my favorite MAC lipstick finish. It’s light and comfortable.

Availability: This is permanent and available at MAC counters or from the MAC website.

This is my favorite lipstick. Don’t know what goes with your eyeshadow? Viva Glam V! Have a weird blush? Viva Glam V! It’s gorgeous and subtle but has enough color to balance out any look.

Continuing my USE IT UP project with MAC Coral Bliss + Sally Hansen Lip Plumping Lip Primer and MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in In Anticipation

mac_coral_bliss_packaging mac_in_anticipation_packaging mac_in_anticipation_swatch_1 sally_hansen_lip_primer_mac_in_anticipation_mac_coral_bliss_ls mac_in_anticipation_shiro_farewell_wherever_you_fare_ff

I HATE the Pro Longwear lip pencil formula. It lasts forever but it feels like death on my lips. Drying – check. Tugs on application – check. Balls up weirdly-check. It’s terrible. BUT…over this Sally Hansen lip primer, it feels great! Which is fantastic because In Anticipation is a beautiful color but I never reach for it.

How sad is that poor melty Coral Bliss? There’s actually a lot more left in the tube than I realized but I’m going to use this up dang it!

What lipstick did you wear this week? Are you a gloss or lipstick person? I love them both, I can not choose between lip products. Also, do you get lip products that don’t have the added scent you’re expecting? I really want to know because I can think of three cases right off the top of my head.


  • On Wednesday we thought we were going to have to move. On Thursday we found out we don’t have to! Which is great! But that whole situation was stressful man. There will be much wine consumed tonight.
  • I started Kung Fu again and I didn’t realize how much I missed it!
  • I’m going to go try to quickly get all of my house work done today in hopes of giving myself an entire weekend to relax. Man I hate housework. I need another Netflix series to binge watch while I clean.
  • I applied for my passport today!

15 thoughts on “Project Wear All The Lipstick – Round 10

  1. Blood of My Enemies is a gorgeous colour, for sure. And you’re so pretty with your hair down!! ❤ ❤ Glad you found a way you could wear your Pro Longwear pencil. =o

    Oh wow, I can imagine there's been some stress. Glad you don't have to move out! And Netflix binge watching is totally the way to go for housework – my personal housework fav is I Love Lucy. =P You know kung fu? That's badass, man.

    1. I’ve been so into the warmer more brick red shades lately. I just love them!
      Thank you! I wish I weren’t so lazy and could manage to fix my hair every day! It’s just so much work man.
      Thanks for the netflix rec! Lucy IS the perfect housework show and I haven’t watched I Live Lucy in years! She was so cool and inspiring.
      It sounds do much more badass than it actually is…I still feel like I actually know nothing. Martial arts are so much fun though, and the particular art I practice is really aggressive and energetic which I like (I used to take aikido classes and that was almost more like choreography. It flows beautifully)

      1. Warm brick reds are my soul. I’ve got a number of good recommendations if you’re still looking; going by your Wear All the Lipstick project, I dare say you might not be in the market for buying more lipstick, though! 😡

        Same. My hair looks gorgeous naturally the day after I wash it. After that? We’re in ponytail city.

        Haha! Lucy is great, she’s such a character. I Love Lucy and Lone Ranger are shows I often keep on for background as I draw, exercise, or do household chores. I can’t remember the last time I’ve sat down and fully watched either.

        I dunno, that still sounds pretty badass to me. Bless you for being a kickass, energetic soul! I can’t throw a punch to save my life, that’s so inspiring that you actually practice an art like that. ❤ Aikido does look beautiful, but I'm only remembering vague Youtube videos from days of /yore/.

      2. Technically I’m most definitely NOT in the market for more lipstick…but I really want to know what your favorites are anyway! It seems like I don’t see as many of the brick shades as I do of the classic red or brighter orange reds.
        You have great hair! Curls can be hard to work with though, they require so much care and attention or they just turn into frizz.
        The Lone Ranger! Aahhh! I need to watch that. I only ever saw a few episodes but my dad used to talk about the lone ranger when I was little.

      3. Haha! Yeah, that’s definitely true. I love true reds and orange reds, but I still want my bricks! NYX Matte in Alabama, NYX High Voltage in Burlesque, and NYX in Snow White are my fav brick reds (what? NYX does good stuff – Snow White is more of a true red, though).
        Thanks! And that’s definitely true. A good conditioner is so essential. =(
        Lmao! To be honest, I like it the same way I like Star Trek and superhero comics: purely for unintentional comedy. The Lone Ranger is good for that. 😉 I used to watch it with my grandpa, actually!

      4. Thanks for the recommendations! Oddly enough, there isn’t anywhere near me that carries NYX products. Probably good for my wallet but sad in general. I really want to try out those high voltage lipsticks if I ever find them. But again, I need more lipstick like I need a hole in the head 🙂
        Unintentionally comedic shows and books are the best! I absolutely love the original Star Trek shows, so cheesy, so dramatic, so good.

      5. Sure thing! =) Aw man, that’s terrible. D= You could always order online. They make a great highlighter, too, and their blushes are love.
        Hmm, I think you’re becoming my new bestie. =P I haven’t finished Star Trek: TOS yet (about 25 episodes left to go, I’m dragging it out), but it is so great. The writing is so terrible. The characters are so 2D. The show is an absolute trainwreck, and yet I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love it. Or at least Dr. McCoy. *shrug*

      6. Yay for new besties! 😀
        I’m not sure exactly how far im in but it’s just so good it’s bad. The costumes for the aliens just slay me. I must have deleted it but I had the best screen shot of Lt. Sulu holding an alien that looked remarkably like a purple Pekinese with pipe cleaners sticking out of its head. It was spectacular.

      7. I love that episode, lmao. It was the one with the doppleganger Kirk, like the 5th ep or so of the first season? They kept passing the Pekinese around. “HMMM YES THIS INCREDIBLY ALIEN CREATURE WE FOUND”

  2. Thank you for the post! I shudder every time I see post about MAC lipsticks. I think, we hate each other 🙂 I cant find MAC lipstick which could be look good on me.
    But it seems very nice on your lips, really. I’m a little jealous 🙂
    Kung Fu?? Oh, my. It is so amazing!

    1. That’s too bad that you haven’t found one that works for you. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise since they aren’t the cheapest lipstick in the world. There are so many lipstick options out there! 🙂

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