Project Wear All The Lipstick – Round 5

Happy Friday! I’m so relieved to have some time to recuperate and hopefully catch up on a little bit of sleep. How jealous are you of my wickedly exciting life? Totally jealous right? I knew it.

Something that IS exciting is lipstick! Hurray beer lipstick!

Behold! The stuff I put on my face this week!


e.l.f Lip Balm Tint in Berry

elf_lip_balm_tint_berry_product elf_lip_balm_tint_berry_ls

elf_lip_balm_tint_berry_ds elf_lip_balm_tint_berry_is

My local Walgreens was recently giving away little bags of goodies (huzzah free stuff!) and the bag I picked had this little pot of tinted lip balm. This week I finally got around to trying it out and it’s completely delightful! It actually gives more of a red tint than is visible in the lip swatch. It smells (and tastes) very sweet, maybe a vanilla sweet? I’m not exactly sure but it isn’t fruity or floral. It is comfortable and has a Vaseline texture and while it doesn’t last all day (the color lasts about an hour on me while the actual product lasts a couple of hours), it was great for applying over other lipstick shades when they went a bit dry towards the end of the day.

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Best Red + Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Ravish

rimmel_ravish_is rimmel_ravish_ds

Rimmel makes some fantastic lip liners. They are creamy and comfortable and still manage to extend the wear time of my lipstick. They are possibly less long wearing than other lip liners but I’m not even sure that’s completely true. I just love these little guys!

Girl, what is up with your hair this week?

milani_best_red_product milani_best_red_plus_rimmel_ls milani_best_red_is milani_best_red_ds

I’ve owned Milani’s Best Red since they released this lipstick line (so an embarrassingly long time) and never actually wore it until today. I rarely wear red lipstick and I had it in my head that this shade would feather and run and be a hassle. I have never been so wrong. This lipstick is really gorgeous! To be fair, I have never worn it on its own but with the lip liner I experienced zero feathering, it didn’t smudge all over my face, it didn’t transfer to my teeth, it looked great for a solid three hours. THREE HOURS. Sweet right?! (Side note, I actually typed that last bit very enthusiastically and it’s completely possible that I just broke my pinky finger. I wish I was joking.) This has a semi matte finish when applied over the lip liner but I’m not sure if it would on its own. I’ll have to investigate further which shouldn’t be a problem because I loved the way this red looked so much that I’ve already daydreamed about wearing it tomorrow. And the next day. My head is a weird place ok! The only thing to note about this lipstick line is that it has a strong scent. I think it’s a little like watermelon candy and while it’s not disgusting, it’s not my favorite smell. I can deal with it, but I often avoid wearing this line because of it.

MAC Dark Side

mac_dark_side_ls_blotted mac_dark_side_ds mac_dark_side_is

I look like an alien in this picture! I made an attempt at doing my interpretation of this look by Olive over at Eye Have a Lot of Feelings. Obviously her rendition is totally awesome and mine is...I look like an alien! :)
Take me to your leader! I made an attempt at doing my interpretation of this look by Olive over at Eye Have a Lot of Feelings (she does incredibly inspired artistic looks that are just gorgeous, if you don’t already read her blog, definitely check it out!). I didn’t dislike how my look turned out, but it made me look like a sleepy alien that needs more coffee so…
...I smudged out the purple a little more and added black liner to the water line later in the day.
…I smudged out the purple a little more and added black liner to the water line later in the day.
Wasn’t this post supposed to be about lipstick or something? Here is what Dark Side looks like at the gorgeous full opacity. Swoon!

Dark Side is a vampy plumy Amplified finish. Dark Side doesn’t wear quite as gracefully as other MAC lipstick that I own but I don’t even mind because the color is just beautiful. I find that I definitely need a touch up after three hours because I start getting the dark lip liner look and it starts going a tad patchy. HOWEVER, I noticed this week that this particular tube no longer smells like vanilla and since I haven’t had this for that long, maybe I got an old tube when I purchased it to begin with. I’m really not sure. Maybe a different tube would wear perfectly. I’m a little torn between back to MAC-ing this for a new tube of the same color OR a tube of Sin.

Image result for why not both

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Manic

ud_manic_product ud_manic_ds ud_manic_is ud_manic_ls photo ud_manic_ff

I included two lip swatches because Manic is one of those really difficult to pin down colors. It looks completely different if you change the lighting and up close it looks like a deep rosey pink with a hint of red and from farther away it looks more like the muted wine that Urban Decay describes it as in the first place. Sometimes this can pull vampy, sometimes it’s completely neutral. It’s an enigma! Whatever it is, it’s a nice lipstick. I get around three hours of wear out of it before I need to touch up and throughout that time it’s comfortable on the lips. I like the shade every time I wear it but this isn’t really a “me” shade so I tend to forget about it.

L’Oreal Caresse Lipstick in Blushing Sequin

loreal_caresse_blushing_sequin_product loreal_caresse_blushing_sequin_ls loreal_caresse_blushing_sequin_ls_full_opacity loreal_caresse_blushing_sequin_is loreal_caresse_blushing_sequin_ds loreal_caresse_blushing_sequin_ff

Totally sad story, when I googled this lipstick before starting the post it really looks like this line has been discontinued. I liked this line of lipstick and own several but the line as a whole isn’t dissimilar to the L’Oreal Colour Riche Balm…things. They had a wider shade range and these were slightly more pigmented but they are incredibly similar products. I would also like to take a moment to revel in this being one of the few times that I feel my cosmetic hoarding tendencies are justified. I totally have about 7 of these guys in various shades and when I bought them it was that “must buy all shades…might be discontinued” kind of thing. So HA!

We’re here for lipstick man!

Ok, so this is a nice bright tinted lip balm that gave me just the right amount of color and oomph to look like a tried (not really) on a completely no makeup day this week. I felt like I didn’t look quite so tired and washed out with this on my lips. It’s a no fuss tinted lip balm. What more can you really say right?

Did you wear any awesome lip products this week? Terrible ones? Do you know how to splint a finger? 😐

10 thoughts on “Project Wear All The Lipstick – Round 5

  1. Aww shucks, thanks for the mention, you’re too kind *curtsies aggressively* I really like your look, you don’t look like an alien at all! And you have the most gorgeously photogenic lips!

  2. I love that red on you! You should definitely wear red more often. I am a bit red junkie though. I also have that little elf gloss, and should dig it out more often. I rarely wear things I have to stick my finger in, though. I might put it on in the a.m., but I will not bring it to work. Keyboard fingers in my lip gloss pot? Blergh. I have been home most of this week, but on Tuesday I wore MAC Sin, which is a little high maintenance, but fun.

    1. Thank you! Keyboard fingers in general are the worst. I feel like I have to wash my hands before and after applying the elf balm so it’s a bit more of an involved application process than I would prefer. Do you fin Sin to be one of the super drying mattes from MAC? I only have Heroine and it’s really not too bad dryness wise.

      1. Swatching will probably be all I can do, as it’s out of my price range for yet another lipstick to add to my monstrous collection haha…

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