Camp Cosmetics – Haul + Swatches

Every once in a blue moon, you might encounter a company or an individual that exhibits exceptional customer service. I was fortunate enough to have just such an experience recently with Camp Cosmetics.

Camp Cosmetics is based in Glen Ellyn Illinois, and I heard about them via the ever so delightful Kristin Gehm on YouTube (if you aren’t already watching her channel, YOU SHOULD BE! She’s so genuine and relate-able and just a pure delight to watch). Kristin had nothing but positive things to say about the company as a whole and is actually collaborating with them on a five pan eye shadow palette that is currently available for pre-order.

I was slightly apprehensive about placing an order because all orders currently can only be placed by email or telephone and the company’s website does not include photos of their products. However, Kristin dedicated a video to swatching everything that she had from the company and so I took a chance and shot an email to Michael, the owner of the company. You guys, he responded within 15 minutes and I had an order form in my hot little hands (actually on my overheated mobile, but that’s practically the same thing right?) within an hour. Michael was truly delightful, it was like exchanging emails with a good friend, he was personable and helpful and I was already impressed.

Sooo…this post is getting long. I’m feeling chatty today and you my dear reader are my captive audience! Muahahaha!! (queue thunder and lightning) (I don’t think I’ve ever spelled queue correctly on the first go in my entire life).

ANYWAY. Within about five days I had goodies in my mailbox! Michael even threw in some bonus stuff! Just because!

So on to the good stuff (about damn time…)


Now ya’ll know it’s actually impossible for me to resist a good orange anything blush: So enter Glampuss, a golden orangey frosty pan of AWESOME.

camp_cosmetics_blush_glampuss_product camp_cosmetics_blush_glampuss_label camp_cosmetics_blush_glampuss_natural_light_swatch camp_cosmetics_blush_glampuss_with_flash_swatch

Do you see that beautiful shimmer?! (I need to figure out how to insert an interrobang...)
Do you see that beautiful shimmer?! (I need to figure out how to insert an interrobang…)

Camp Cosmetics also has this neutral/cool brown blush that looked perfect for contouring (HA! Like I can actually contour!)

Blush in Monogamy

camp_cosmetics_blush_monogamy_product camp_cosmetics_blush_monogamy_label camp_cosmetics_blush_monogamy_swatch

Gold/bronze eyeshadow is my jam man. Check out this honey in Gypsy!

camp_cosmetics_eye_color_gypsy_product camp_cosmetics_eye_color_gypsy_label camp_cosmetics_eye_Color_gypsy_natural_light_swatch camp_cosmetics_eye_color_gypsy_indoor_light_swatch_2 camp_cosmetics_eye_color_gypsy_indoor_light_swatch

Excessive swatching is also my jam. Obviously. But on these frost shades, you get such multidimensional colors depending on the light’s angle so I’m trying to convey that to the best of my wee little iPhone camera’s capabilities. You’re welcome.

Next are two Lip Lavas, and a quick note, Sex Drive smells deliciously like vanilla (although it’s fairly subtle and the scent doesn’t stick around) but Glamazon just smells like lipstick. Not quite sure if that’s normal or not.

Sex Drive

camp_cosmetics_lip_lava_sex_drive_product camp_cosmetics_lip_lava_sex_drive_label camp_cosmetics_lip_lava_sex_drive_IL_swatch camp_cosmetics_lip_lava_sex_drive_outdoor_light_swatch

See that little bit of blue duochrome? Lovely right? It doesn't translate intensely to the lips but it does add a bit of dimension.
See that little bit of blue duochrome? Lovely right? It doesn’t translate intensely to the lips but it does add a bit of dimension.



camp_cosmetics_lip_lava_glamazon_product camp_cosmetics_lip_lava_glamazon_label camp_cosmetics_lip_lava_glamazon_NL_swatch

There's that cool shimmery business again!
There’s that cool shimmery business again!


You can find all of the contact information on the Camp Cosmetics website, and I’m sure that if you have any questions, they will be more than happy to help you out.


Eye Colors: $16.50

Cheek Colors: $18.50

Lip Lavas: $19.50

So the pricing is a tad high, so that’s something to keep in mind. I obviously can’t give a comprehensive review yet, but I think that the quality so far feels like a high end product.

It is also worth noting that the eye and cheek colors come depotted so you’ll want to have a zpalette or something along those lines that you can put the products into.

Here’s a quick bonus eye look I did today with Gypsy all over the lid and a few shades from the new Hard Candy palettes (dudes, I’m loving these…seriously…they’re pretty good).

gypsy_cc_and_hc_rainingmen_birthdaysuit_look rainingmen_for_cc_gypsy_and_hardcandy_look_9_30_14 bdaysuit_for_cc_gypsy_and_hardcandy_look_9_30_14

If you stuck with me through my rambling and all those pictures, you’re a freaking rock star. Go get yourself a cookie!

8 thoughts on “Camp Cosmetics – Haul + Swatches

  1. I am going to get my cookie now. Also, is there a product list on the camp website? I did a brief perusal and didn’t see one.

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