OCC Lip Tar – Black Dahlia

Oh vampy lips, I do love you! There are a handful of iconic vampy lip shades and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ Black Dahlia definitely makes that list.

From the website:

A liquid matte lipstick with unparalleled pigment intensity and wear time.Only the smallest amount is needed for opaque coverage. LIP TAR: MATTE™ comes packaged in a convenient vinyl-carrying case and travel-sized version of the #010 Precision Lip Brush.

Contains Organic Hemp Oil & Soy-Derived Vitamin E, for a finish that feels as good as it looks! Paraben-Free courtesy of refreshing Peppermint Oil.

100% Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Black Dahlia is described as “blackest blackened red” but I feel like it reads as more of a blackest blackened black berry on my lips.

Retails for $18.00 although I frequently find these on sale at Sephora.

This product does contain peppermint oil, which can be a tad irritating to the lips if you are prone to dry lips. I don’t find it to be a high enough peppermint content to bother me unless my lips were in very poor condition upon application. This does feel nice when initially applied but as it wears down it gets a bit dry. Not as dry as a little of matte lipsticks but it is definitely not moisturizing and I’m looking for a good balm at the end of a day wearing it.

Swatchy swatchiness!




I’m a compulsive lip presser together…er…(English is hard man!) so I rarely get more than an hour of wear from a lip product and this is no exception. I have good color pigmentation for about an hour and then Black Dahlia starts to fade. I still feel a bit of product on my lips for another 30-45 minutes beyond that, then I am left with a stain, which is admittedly very pretty. I was pleasantly impressed with how gracefully this product wore off. No funky rings of color or gathering on the inner lip. However, this does feather quite bit (womp womp) even when worn with a lip liner. While I’m not a fan of the feathering ( is anyone? Maybe we should be…let’s start a trend!) it’s not necessarily a deal breaker for me.

Overall, Black Dahlia is a stunner. The color is perfection. It’s a little high maintenance what with the lip brush business but, I kind of love it any way.

Do you own any lip tars? What’s your favorite? Are you on board for the embracing feathering club?

Hope you had fantastic Monday!

P.S Black Dahlia came with a picture of Detox in the packaging and I’m just dying. So gorgeous right?!



I rarely wear a lipstick all day long never mind wearing a lipstick all day long two days in a row. I tried that with this lipstick and after about 3 hours on day two my lips were a wreck. Not just dry, but cracking and really painful. One day seems to be ok though my lips ARE dry at the end if the day but I’ve never experienced that kind of dryness and irritation before. Sad because this is so pretty! Just be aware of this if you’re prone to dry lips.

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