Travel Makeup – South Africa Edition

A wise friend challenged me to take a single eyeshadow quad with me on my vacation to South Africa. But I’m a rebel and apparently I can not be reasoned with. In my defense we were traveling over two major holidays, both with the potential for pretty varied outings so I wasn’t really certain if […]

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2015 Face Product Favorites

Welcome to Part 2 of the 2015 Favorites series! This was a surprisingly difficult category for me to isolate my favorites. I tried a fair number of new face products this year but very few of them made what I would consider a lasting impression. Maybe I’m just getting old and difficult to impress. Or […]

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MAC Powder Blush – Melba

I know that the word “obsessed” gets thrown around a lot in the beauty blogging world. It probably irritates you as much as it irritates me but, that being said, I am becoming a little concerned with my inability to use a blush other than MAC Melba. I have a quite large collection of fantastic […]

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